Application of Calcium Chloride in Beer Production

calcium chloride in beer production

Beer is a drink widely loved by people all over the world, and its production process is relatively complex, including pulping, filtration, boiling, fermentation and other processes. Calcium chloride plays an important role in beer making. It is an essential substance in beer making. Here we briefly introduce the role of calcium chloride in beer making
1. Promote the cohesiveness of yeast. Because food grade calcium chloride dissolves in water and releases a large amount of calcium ions, yeast itself is very sensitive to calcium ions, and yeast cohesiveness increases with the increase of calcium concentration, which is related to the fact that calcium ions can promote the activity of yeast cells, so the addition of calcium chloride plays an important role in the fermentation time;
2. Adjust the pH value of beer. The main acids in beer are acetic acid and succinic acid. The addition of calcium chloride can reduce the pH value of beer, which can maintain the unique taste of beer, modify the taste of other spices, and also make beer have antibacterial effect;
3. adjust the peculiar flavor of beer, add calcium chloride, and when the alcohol concentration is close to the total, the taste of the wine is more pure, refreshing, harmonious, and the aroma of hops is more obvious.
4. Calcium chloride will decompose into calcium ions in beer liquor, thus promoting the flocculation of negatively charged protein.
5. In addition, oxalate in beer will also combine with calcium ion to form calcium oxalate precipitation, which can make beer better and faster.
The above is the role of calcium chloride in beer production. It is worth noting that the iron ion in unqualified calcium chloride will have a great impact on beer, so it is very important to choose the appropriate food grade calcium chloride. Qingdao Jiede chemical company focuses on the production and sales of calcium chloride. Many of our customers have been engaged in the beer industry for a long time. You are welcome to contact us.

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