Our Clients

Jiede Chemical Prodcuts have been sold overseas; Jiede’s clients spread all over the world.With overseas business increased year by year, more and more heavyweight foreign corporations cooperated with Jiede. In order to better the corporate imagedisplay,promote products, face-to-face talks with foreign corporations, Jiede activelyappears in the exhibition stansof international exhibitions. In Shanghai China, and many cities of Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States, the glorious moment of Jiede in negotiation with foreign corporations have been left

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose,Xanthan Gum, Calcuim Chloride are mainly used in food industry , such as yogurt, juice beverage, ice cream, baking product and so on. Polyanionic Cellulose is mainly used in oil drilling industry, Our Xanthan Gum ,PAC has been used by the oiling drilling companies from all over the world. Jiede Chemical is one of the largest PAC suppliers for global oil drilling industries.