Role of calcium chloride in water treatment

calcium chloride in water treatment

2021 is still a year affected by the epidemic, water is the basic guarantee of life, and water disinfection is the first priority. Not only drinking water, but also the treatment of industrial wastewater is the focus of water treatment. With the increasing environmental requirements of governments around the world, the discharge standard of industrial wastewater is also subject to strict requirements. As a typical ionic halide, calcium chloride is widely used in the process of water treatment. There are three main functions of calcium chloride
1. Function of sterilization and disinfection: because calcium chloride itself is very easy to dissolve in water, chloride ion will be separated after dissolving in water, and the killing effect of chloride ion on bacteria is very obvious.
2. Adjust the pH value of sewage itself: pH value is a very important indicator of sewage discharge. Acid and anhydrous water will not only damage the water body, but also damage the underground pipeline. The ionic characteristics of calcium chloride after dissolution are used to adjust the pH value of waste water. At the same time, the increase of calcium ion will also reduce the corrosion of underground pipeline concrete structure.
3. Replacing toxic metal cations and some anions; As the calcium ions dissolved in water are easy to combine with most anions to form precipitation, most of the metal ions are replaced to pave the way for further treatment of sewage.
The above is the main use of calcium chloride in water treatment. In the future, water treatment is bound to become a popular industry, and the consumption of calcium chloride will be greatly increased. Welcome to inquire Qingdao Jiede Chemical Co., Ltd.

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