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Calcium chloride is a widely used chemical product. Because of its strong moisture absorption and high solubility, calcium chloride is a kind of chemical product. It is mainly used in chemical industry, mine, construction, smelting, food processing and medicine industry. In life, the cheese that must be eaten every day contains calcium chloride; when it snows, calcium chloride is needed to clean the road snow; calcium chloride is needed to be added to the building to increase the strength of concrete; in agricultural production, calcium chloride is needed to be sprayed to prevent diseases and pests; calcium chloride is also needed in the production of oil drilling fluid; calcium chloride is also used for moisture-proof in the home. So, where should we buy such important calcium chloride? According to different uses, which type of calcium chloride should we choose? Below, Jim of Qingdao Jiede Chemical Co., Ltd. will introduce you where to buy calcium chloride and what kind of calcium chloride will be selected.

Calcium chloride usage

First of all, I would like to introduce the classification of calcium chloride: according to the use, calcium chloride can be divided into food grade calcium chloride and industrial grade calcium chloride; food grade calcium chloride is mainly used for cheese production, canned production, beer and beverage brewing; industrial grade calcium chloride is mainly used for the production of petroleum drilling fluid, agricultural spraying, concrete ratio, road snow removal, chemical smelting, desiccant, Swimming pool cleaning, etc. To sum up, we can complete the selection of the first step. Because the price of food grade calcium chloride is higher than that of industrial grade calcium chloride.
The second step is to choose the content of calcium chloride. Calcium chloride can be divided into 72%, 74%, 77%, 94%, 95% and so on. At present, 77% and 94% of calcium chloride are widely used in the world; except for 94% of calcium chloride commonly used in food industry and petroleum industry, 77% of calcium chloride is mostly used in other industries. Compared with 94% calcium chloride, 77% calcium chloride is more cost-effective. The following pictures show the different physical forms of calcium chloride, which do not affect the normal use.

flake calcuim chloride

So, where should I buy calcium chloride? How to distinguish the quality of calcium chloride? The main suppliers of calcium chloride in the Americas are Dow Chemical, general chemical and tetra technologies, with a total production capacity of more than 2 million tons. In addition to meeting their own needs, they are exported to other Americas. In addition, international chemical companies also set up local factories to maximize profits. However, due to environmental protection requirements and low profits of calcium chloride, American companies have gradually reduced the output of calcium chloride, and China has become the largest supplier of calcium chloride in the world. Due to its better quality and more advantageous price, China has become the preferred supplier for wholesalers.
If you use less than 5 tons per month, we suggest you buy it from your local dealer, or from eBay or Amazon. Although the price will be much higher, it will greatly reduce the trouble of shipping and customs clearance. Moreover, the usage of less than 2 tons is not enough to reach the minimum order quantity in international trade.
If you are a professional wholesaler or use more than 5 tons of calcium chloride per month, it is the best choice to import calcium chloride directly from abroad, and the maximization of product profit is your priority. For China’s calcium chloride products, the size of the factory is often not the decisive factor, because the high cost of large factories, it is often difficult to give you the most appropriate price. Qualified, dare to send samples, stable production of suppliers is the best choice in international trade. We can find reliable suppliers through Google search, related B2B websites and industry exhibitions. At the same time, you can also learn about us – Qingdao Jiede Chemical Co., Ltd. is a supplier of calcium chloride in China, with customers in more than 20 countries and regions. Jiede chemical promises to provide free samples for customers to test and refund the original price in case of unqualified products. So why not give it a try?

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