Xanthan gum price trends and related forecasts in 2021

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Xanthan gum, because of its rheology, water solubility, stability and compatibility, is widely used as a thickener, suspending agent, emulsifier, and stabilizer. It is currently mainly used in food, petroleum, More than 20 industries, including medicine, papermaking, construction engineering, and chemical industry, are currently the most widely used biopolysaccharides in the world.
At present, more than ten countries and regions have started the production of xanthan gum. At this stage, the main production countries of xanthan gum are China, the United States, France, Japan, Austria, etc. Before the 1980s, the main production companies were Kelco, Miles, ADM, Rhone-Poulene, Nero-Rousselotsatia, CecaSA, etc. Due to the high production process requirements, the price of qualified xanthan gum has always been high. . After decades of development, the xanthan gum produced in China has formed a scale advantage, with very large advantages in quality and price. China is currently the world’s largest xanthan gum producer, and its xanthan gum exports account for about the world’s About 85% of the demand for xanthan gum. Therefore, the price of xanthan gum in China can directly reflect the transaction price of the global xanthan gum market. The following xanthan gum supplier-Qingdao Jiede Chemical Co., Ltd. has compiled the xanthan gum prices starting in 2021, please refer to:

xanthan gum price

The above price is for 80 mesh industrial grade xanthan gum. In 2021, due to the continuous impact of the new crown epidemic, the global food crisis and political factors, the initial price is in the historical high range. Unlike previous years, as time goes by, the price of xanthan gum has entered the historical high range in March, and the factory average The price reached 3398.4USD/Ton. Qingdao G&D Chemical Co., Ltd. predicts based on nearly 10 years of industry sales experience: the possibility of price increases in the short term is low. With the gradual relaxation of the regional crisis, the price of xanthan gum may decrease from the end of March, but it is expected to drop. The range is not large, and the price will still be higher than the average level of previous years. As the main supplier of Xanthan Gum, Qingdao Jiede Chemical Co., Ltd. is divided into food grade, medical grade, cosmetic grade and industrial grade. Always adhere to the principle of “preferential price, super high quality”, all customers are welcome to come to consult.

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