Application of calcium chloride in agriculture

calcium chloride in agriculture

Agriculture is the lifeline industry of a country, which is of great importance to the national economy. Even in the current environment, agriculture still needs to be vigorously developed. Now, according to the sales experience of Qingdao Jiede Chemical Co., Ltd., the use of calcium chloride in agriculture is introduced.
The main functions of agricultural calcium chloride are as follows: first, adjust the content of trace elements and pH value of soil, provide trace calcium ion fertilizer for plants, and promote the growth of plants; Second, the prevention and control of plant diseases related to calcium deficiency is particularly important for fruit crops because calcium deficiency mainly occurs in new tissues. The main diseases are: bitter pox, water center, cracking, atrophy, abscission, malformed fruit, rust spot, navel rot, muscle rot, dry heartburn, lobular cluster, atrophy and rolling. Calcium chloride is completely dissolved in water and absorbed, which can quickly supplement calcium and effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases; Third, improve the disease resistance and stress resistance of crops, calcium chloride dissolved in water, sprayed on the surface of the fruit, can also extend its shelf life.
[usage] dilute with water 400-500 times, spray on the leaf, widely used in grain, cotton, fruit trees, vegetables and other crops.

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