Application of xanthan gum in Oil Drilling

oil drlling fluid

Xanthan gum is mainly used in the preparation of drilling mud, well completion, workover, well plugging, formation fracturing and secondary oil recovery in oilfield development.
1. Thickened water base fluid and dispersion fluid for secondary oil recovery
Due to its good suspension and emulsifying properties, xanthan gum can suspend most of the drilling functional additives and maintain their properties. At the same time, it can form mud cake in the wellbore and effectively prevent the filtration of drilling fluid.
2. Mud treatment in drilling in ocean, beach, high brine layer and permafrost
Xanthan gum solution can be miscible with many salt solutions (potassium salt, sodium salt, calcium salt, magnesium salt, etc.), and its viscosity is not affected. Under the condition of high salt concentration, even in the saturated salt solution, it still keeps its solubility without precipitation and flocculation, and its viscosity is almost unaffected. And the xanthan gum of Qingdao Jiede Chemical Co., Ltd. is almost unaffected in the solution of pH 5-10. Therefore, it is necessary to add xanthan gum as stabilizer in drilling fluid under complex well conditions; Usually, xanthan gum will be used in combination with trivalent chromium ion to stabilize the well and reduce the drilling cost.
3. Drilling safety and energy saving control to reduce carbon emissions
Because of the strong pseudoplasticity of xanthan gum, the viscosity of high-speed rotating bit is very small, which saves power; However, it keeps high viscosity in the relatively static drilling position, so as to prevent wellbore collapse, blowout and other accidents.
4. Improve the secondary oil recovery rate
Because of the pseudoplastic flow of xanthan gum, it will not block the reservoir, and can reduce the friction of seepage fluid and stabilize the reservoir.
The above is the role of xanthan gum in oil drilling and production. The petroleum grade xanthan gum provided by Qingdao Jiede Chemical Co., Ltd. is the most stable xanthan gum at present. It can still maintain excellent performance under severe conditions. You are welcome to purchase.

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